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closets, boxes, ovens, dishwasher, refrigerators, trash cans, windows, pet food containers & more. Keep your little ones away from all the dangers at home. 
- Latches for Cabinets, Easy to Install: Adjust the flexible yet durable strap to the length you need, peeling the red film on the adhesive and press on the flat surface or corner that you need to keep your little one out of. These safety locks for cabinets and drawers are practical for every family.
- Childproof Straps, Pretty Easy to Open and Click ShutSafety locks for cabinets are completely easy to open and close, slide the button with your thumb and it pops up and unlatches itself. To close it you just press it back down and it clicks into place.  - 4 Free clear corner protectors: These corner protectors are a necessity for anyone with kids, from new crawlers on up! This is baby proofing at its best. Baby corner guards will not damage your furniture, the adhesive can be removed without damage.